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Pulsar 940 IR Illuminator Flashlight PU-79076

Pulsar 940 IR Illuminator Flashlight PU-79076


The IR Flashlight (940) is eyesafe and offers the same features as the 805 variant, only this model has covert IR capability in that the beam is invisible to the unaided eye.

At 940nm the infrared light is only visible to digital night vision over any meaningful distance.

Fitted with a Weaver mount and supplied with a Weaver 1/4” Whitworth Screw Adaptor, it can be fitted to the tripod socket/Weaver rail of NV units.

Features a variable beam from spot to flood and has a lockable angle adjustment feature. The power of the IR output can be smoothly adjusted.


In brief, the IR Flashlight (940) Features:

  • Supplied with a Weaver ¼" Whitworth Screw Adaptor
  • Carrying Case included
  • IR Spot Position
  • Adjustable power and spot divergence angle
SKU: PU-79076

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