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20 Bore & 410 Bore Shotgun Cartridges

Unless the product is marked differently, we generally sell in boxes of 250, just like the manufacturer provides them. We do this in order to give you the best price.

In-store item only, collection via prior arrangement.

Please email us to check stock availability.

PLEASE NOTE – These prices are published as a guide only.

Prices can change at short notice.

20g Shotgun Cartridges


Hull High Pheasant 20

High Performance Load

A Season’s Essential for high flyers. The definitive 20 for 65mm chambers.

The performance of a 70mm load yet suitable for fine guns.

Fast, smooth and highly effective delivering clean kills at extended range.

Hardened shot reduces pellet deformation for uniform dense patterns.

Modest recoil.

25g Fibre       In Stock

The CT 20 has excellent patterning and ballistics with plastic and fibre wad options - an ideal cartridge to use to get your eye in before the game season starts. 

21g 7.5 shot Fibre £82 / 250

24g 7.5 shot Fibre £87 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Fibre £94 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Plastic £92 / 250

Eley VIP Game 20g.jpg

20 gauge VIP Game - in the 28 and 30 gram load in fibre wad will give you an all-round cartridge for the game season. Ideally suited to the lighter game gun Eley VIP  20 gauge has Superior patterning and ballistics to ensure the best in class performance. Performs well on high volume driven pheasant where the agile gun  is needed to keep pace with the drives.

30g 5 shot Fibre £115 / 250

30g 6 shot Fibre £115 / 250

High flyer 20g.jpg

For rough shooting where you may be walking some distances, the 20 gauge Hi-Flyer would be the perfect pairing for your lighter weight gun.

The 28 gram load is the load that all game shooters can manage.

Loaded with the unique CSB 2 powder in fibre and plastic wad options the 20 gauge hi flyer is great load for your 20 bore

28g 5 shot Fibre £98 / 250

28g 6 shot Fibre £98 / 250

410g Shotgun Cartridges

Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge. Ideal for vermin control and small game.

This classic load for the .410 comes in a 2 inch length and is particularly well suited to the finely balanced 36 gauge

 9g £86 / 250

When this was launched it won the coveted Shooting Industry awards for best new clay cartridge.

Well received the specialist powder, the magnum shot has really given the market choice in .410 clay competitions

19g 3" 7.5  £11 /box of 25

19g 3" 8 shot Plastic £11 / box of 25

£110 /250

This longer 2½ inch .410 load gives more power in a longer chamber length. Eley Hawk were the first to manufacture this type of load, and that innovation has been carried forward with this cartridge’s all fibre only wad for impressive results. Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge

Loaded with a very special SSB+ 150 powder the 2 1/2 inch cartridge even in this lighter load is ideal for use on ground game and vermin.

 12.5g £91 / 250 

The ultimate .410 load for the 3 inch chamber.

The additional power has made this a natural choice for those who shoot .410 Partridge days as part of their game season. Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge.

The largest .410 ten load this is exactly formulated to deliver brilliant results in the field. A firm favorite with the .410 enthusiast the 3 inch product in and 18 gram load is more than enough to work well on .410 partridge days.

18g £110 / 250 

Fiocchi 410 2" 18g Silent cartridges

£12 / box of 25

£115 / 250


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