Shotgun Cartridges

Unless the product is marked differently, we generally sell in boxes of 250, just like the manufacturer provides them. We do this in order to give you the best price.

In-store item only, collection via prior arrangement.

12g Shotgun Cartridges

The best in entry level, this cartridge punches way above its price – the cartridge has been credited by many for getting them right back on target and the reviews on social media and our twitter channel have been amazing. Designed with low recoil and crisp firing in mind the product delivers, even at range. 

The 21 gram load is ideal for taking lessons and introducing new people to the sport - smart and low recoil and easy to handle powder loads it is a great way to start to learn any discipline and get your technique right. The 24 gram load is a good intermediate step up and is a firm favourite on simulated clay shoots - the low recoil helps any game shot perfect their technique and shoot multiple drives if they wish. The 28 gram load has been used to great effect by new shooters getting into competitions posting scores they can be proud of. 

21g 7.5 shot Fibre £49 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Fibre £53 / 250


28g 7.5 shot Plastic £51 / 250

The Superb lives up to its name in every sense of the word. The recoil is smooth, and powerful clay breaks for all disciplines ensure this is the best all round cartridge we produce. The shells are colour coded for those who like to recognise the shot size in the cartridge pouch and the clay-busting magnum shot will ensure you break clays whatever your discipline.

28g 7.5 shot Fibre £55 / 250

The Olympic Blues are a stalwart of the range with a following of club shooters and instructors who will shoot nothing else. The range is wide, it ensures you cover all disciplines and, with plastic and fibre variants ensures a “medal winning performance”.

Two generations of shooters have used this product with considerable success and the next generation of shooters are now cutting their teeth on this product with Olympic discipline shooters like Lara Dale and Victoria Humphries using it to great effect to get medal winning performances. They are available in fibre and plastic wad in all the shot sizes and load weights this product is one of our best.

24g 7.5 shot Fibre £56 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Fibre £ 58 / 250


28g 7.5 shot Plastic £53  / 250

The Eley VIP Trap cartridge has had years of development and no wonder that it is the choice of so many shooters across the UK. With fast speeds and a wide variety of shot sizes there is a configuration for all the Trap disciplines. VIP Trap excels on the toughest trap , where you need speed to ensure a quick break, from DTL and ABT to universal trench, the VIP trap cartridges are designed to ensure the very best in performance.

With an extra high brass which gives the best possible containment for the initial firing of the cartridge through to the high density polyethylene wad each component is engineered to deliver the very best performance. 

28g 8 shot Plastic £  / 250

Fast, powerful and hard-hitting magnum shot, used by a world champion – these are specifically designed to compliment lady shooters and the inbuilt reduced recoil system will ensure high scoring rounds.

The shot is high antimony 5% magnum shot, produced in 24 gram 8 shot this cartridge has excellent patterns and delivers results time and time again.

21g 8 shot Fibre £52  / 250

24g 8 shot Fibre £59  / 250

Zenith Copper Game Shot is the ultimate cartridge that Eley Hawk produce. With the best components and superior patterning, this will deliver the high point to anyone’s shooting day.

Zenith is the latest in game shooting excellence. Zenith has copper plated shot to deliver outstanding performance. Copper is electroplated to the lead to reduce pellet deformation as the shot goes down the barrel and through the choke of the gun. This ensures it maintains a superior pattern during flight, with more shot on target. Copper plated shot increases the impact power of the shot on the quarry.

34g 4 shot Fibre £107 / 250

30g 5 shot Fibre £95 / 250

32g 5 shot Fibre £102 / 250

30g 6 shot Fibre £95 / 250

32g 6 shot Fibre 102 / 250

Launched to widespread acclaim, the Pigeon Select cartridge has been developed in conjunction with Geoff Garrod, vice president of the National Gamekeepers' Association. He is also a fully active gamekeeper, UK-renowned pigeon shooter and brand ambassador for Eley Hawk.

Specifically designed to produce performance, demanded by the modern pigeon shooter, looking for the optimum carridge for use during roost shooting, decoying and flighting at a competitive price in the current market.  This cartridge has proved itself strong in the field time and time again. Clean efficient kills over decoy patterns throgh roosts or over flight lines - technically this is the best value load we have produced to date. Significantly this cartridge has a full 30 gram load and a true 6 shot for perfect pigeon performance.

30g 6 shot Fibre £61 / 250

30g 6 shot Plastic £ 58/ 250

The VIP game range is the cartridge of choice for game enthusiasts. Each stamped with the Gold EBL shield – your hallmark for quality and reliability – with different load weights and wads for a wide range of game shooting

VIP Game - is the cartridge of choice for Lord James Percy - one of the most renowned game shots of his generation. In his own words- "We have used a vast amount of Eley VIP at Linhope over the years all of which performed faultlessly" Once you shoot with Eley VIP's nothing else is quite the same. Superior patterning and ballistics ensure the best in class performance.

VIP Game 28g 5 shot Fibre £85 / 250

VIP Game Elite 34g 4 shot Fibre £98/ 250

The impact force of VIP steel cartridges are a firm favourite in wetlands; with purpose manufactured steel shot, consistent shot patterns and manufactured-for-purpose powder. This steel range is perfect on smaller, fast moving wildfowl. The plastic shot cup ensures a VIP delivery out of your gun.

*Only to be used in steel proofed guns. Always check instructions provided with your gun and always read the instructions provided on the cartridge box.

32g 3 shot Plastic £69 / 250

The ultimate in steel shot game cartridges, the Lighting Steel, has a powerful blend of powder to achieve incredible performance statistics but is manufactured to conform with CIP regulations. This means you can shoot further and the shot has far reaching knockdown power on larger waterfowl

The unique SSB+ 150 powder excels even in humid conditions and is manufactured to ensure excellent ballistics on steel loads and designed to work in semi autos. This load is the ideal ultra-high performance steel load.

*Only to be used in steel proofed guns. Always check instructions provided with your gun and always read the instructions provided on the cartridge box. a perfect match for all large 3 " chambered semi-automatics


36g 3 shot Plastic £94 / 250

Eley VIP Steel Pro Eco wad cartridges are the first of their kind loaded by a UK Manufacturer.

For the first time, Wildfowlers game and clay shooters can now shoot steel shot cartridges safely with a non plastic wad that is harmless to the environment.

The cartridge is heat-sealed on the crimp to prevent the ingress of moisture and has been rigorously tested for safety and ballistic confidence.

  • Pro eco wad dissolves in 24 hours in water

  • 100% Hydro soluble wad made with all Organic materials – Non-Toxic to the environment

  • Will degrade in 30 days and break down into the soil in 3 months – 100% ecologically friendly

  • The cartridge case is recyclable

  • Perfect for all clay or game shooting over water

32g 3 shot Eco Wad £95 / 250

32g 5 shot Eco Wad £95 / 250

Fiocchi FBlack 12g

28g 8 shot Fibre £66 /250

28g 8.5 shot Fibre £66 / 250


28g 7.5 shot Plastic £62 / 250

28g 8.5 shot Plastic £ 62 / 250

Fiocchi TT One 12g



24g 7.5 shot Plastic £52 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Plastic £54 / 250


Fiocchi Lite Speed 12g



26g 8 shot Fibre £53 / 250


20g & 410g Shotgun Cartridges

The CT 20 has excellent patterning and ballistics with plastic and fibre wad options - an ideal cartridge to use to get your eye in before the game season starts. 

21g 7.5 shot Fibre £62 / 250

24g 7.5 shot Fibre £66 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Fibre £73 / 250

28g 7.5 shot Plastic £71 / 250

Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge. Ideal for vermin control and small game.

This classic load for the .410 comes in a 2 inch length and is particularly well suited to the finely balanced 36 gauge

 9g £66 /box of 250

When this was launched it won the coveted Shooting Industry awards for best new clay cartridge.

Well received the specialist powder, the magnum shot has really given the market choice in .410 clay competitions

19g 3" 7.5  £8.75 /box of 25

19g 3" 8 shot Plastic £8.75 / box of 25

This longer 2½ inch .410 load gives more power in a longer chamber length. Eley Hawk were the first to manufacture this type of load, and that innovation has been carried forward with this cartridge’s all fibre only wad for impressive results. Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge

Loaded with a very special SSB+ 150 powder the 2 1/2 inch cartridge even in this lighter load is ideal for use on ground game and vermin.

 12.5g £72 / 250 

The ultimate .410 load for the 3 inch chamber.

The additional power has made this a natural choice for those who shoot .410 Partridge days as part of their game season. Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge.

The largest .410 ten load this is exactly formulated to deliver brilliant results in the field. A firm favorite with the .410 enthusiast the 3 inch product in and 18 gram load is more than enough to work well on .410 partridge days.

 £9 / box of 25

18g £87/ 250 

Fiocchi 410 2" 18g Silent cartridges

£9 / box of 25

£80 / 250


Fiocchi Pigeon 32 12g

32g 6 shot Fibre £72/250

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