FUD Green Wing Teal Fold Up Decoys 6 pack

FUD Green Wing Teal Fold Up Decoys 6 pack


NRA's Fold Up Decoy (FUD) range is designed to provide unprecedented decoying functionality and fulfil the demand for a flat packed model.

Their range is effective, functional and boasts a range of features that have quickly proven popular since their launch.



Three dimensional and life size

Lifelike, with high quality matte finished artwork

Movable head to recreate multiple postures

Multi functional - deployable in water, with detachable anchor, or staked into ground

Neoprene construction ensures quick drying, flotation and shot proof

Easy and quick construction with rigging stored inside

Easily collapsible for storage

Compact and lightweight

Wind driven movement with self righting design

Scratch proof and fade resistant

Strong construction and long lasting

Belt hook provided for hands free transportation

Handy guide book provided