Browning Invector DS Choke 12g

Browning Invector DS Choke 12g


Browning Invector DS 12g Choke Tube for B725 and A5 Shotguns.

The newest and most advanced Browning choke tube system.

The new Invector DS Chokes offer levels of performance unequaled on the market thanks to its optimal length of 80mm, an exclusive internal profile, and a patented compression ring.


Fit flush with the end of the barrel but are longer than competitors’ tubes.

Proprietary differential gas seal to eliminates residue build-up and allow easy removal and installation.

Integrated spring suspension holds the seal tight, yet allows expansion against the barrel wall for a perfect fit and a smooth transition for the shot column entering the choke.

Gas is controlled at the interface between choke and where it seats in the bore.

Patterns tighten consistently and reliably.


Invector-DS choke tubes fit only Browning shotguns with Invector-DS marked on the barrel(s).

DO NOT buy these if your shotgun is marked Invector, Standard Invector, or Invector-Plus (+).

The choke constriction technologies found on Invector-DS choke tubes improve pattern performance beyond what was previously thought possible.

Invector-DS choke tubes are much longer than other Browning choke tubes and have threads on the muzzle end of the tube. They also feature a bronze seal at the base of the tube that helps prevent fouling from being forced into the gap between the barrel and the choke tube, making the tube difficult to remove.


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