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Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Open Anti-Fatigue Hunting Boots -Bronze

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Open Anti-Fatigue Hunting Boots -Bronze


With its tri-density rubber sole and shock-absorbing cushion, the boots offer exceptional comfort, allowing you to walk further without getting tired


Gomma Plus Material mix exclusive to Aigle, designed to be waterproof, comfortable, flexible and resistant.
Adjustable gusset to fit calves.
Shock-absorbing cushion for energy return.
Integrated waterproof zip.

Tri-density rubber sole.

Shock-absorbing cushion in the heel.

Shock-absorbing foam insole.

Insulating neoprene lining.


  • Care Guide

    Clean the boots after each use; either just with water or water and a mild soap (Neutral PH).
    Wipe the boots with a lint-free cloth.
    A few times a year, or more often if you use your boot daily, apply a dose of Swipol so as to treat the rubber and allow it to resume its original appearance.
    Keep away from sources of light or heat and in an upright position after cleaning.

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